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In cooperation with First Data Polska we present our latest Laboratory of the Future foresight report. We were looking for an answer to the question: Who is the banking customer of the future from 2030? In the report, we analyze customer dreams and look for the customers of dreams. This new report was prepared with the participation of nearly 100 representatives of the banking sector, First Data experts and 4CF Strategic Foresight during the annual workshop organized by First Data under the name Laboratory of the Future.

The participants of the strategic foresight workshop predicted how social, demographic and technological changes will affect consumer attitudes in 2030. It is a source of knowledge and inspiration for all financial market participants who are looking for answers to questions: Who is the customer of the future? What will he expect from the financial world? How to prepare for his arrival?

The report "Who is the client of the future? 2030: customers' dreams, customers' dreams" were developed for First Data Polska by strategic foresight experts from 4CF, the substantive partner of the Laboratory of the Future.

Whenever we are to look at the medium- and long-term future, and in this case, at the future characteristics and attitudes of bank customers - it is justified to use strategic foresight. This research discipline with military roots focuses on describing possible futures and interpreting forecasts to help you make the best possible strategic decisions. In order to avoid the pitfalls of a naive, reductionist view of the future, foresight looks for possible discontinuities and builds models of the future in which change in the target market is inscribed.
The foresight approach allows us to take into account the enormous complexity of social and economic relations and the emergent nature of the changes that are taking place in them. Using quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, it gives a more complete picture of the possible future than forecasting based on historical data. The methods that 4CF applied when working on the 2018 Future Laboratory report are deeply rooted in the strategic foresight discipline.