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The Unexpected future: Gaming

The future of gaming is not a foregone conclusion – it is shaped jointly by many entities. So how to gain a strategic advantage and surprise the competition while not letting yourself be surprised? The 4CF matrix is a proven tool to support long-term strategic analysis in a wide range of areas (from FMCG, medical and banking industries to military applications). It is typically used to analyze a specific organization with respect to its strategic goals, market segments and needs. It helps to develop a development plan based on insights into the future that are not available to competitors. The following version is open and universal, but still contains a lot of information about solutions that should not be ignored – it is worth to treat it as an invitation to an in-depth analysis from the perspective of your company.

We have taken into account a number of strategic factors shaping the video game market and its associated industries. One of the scenarios presented by us assumes moderate development, the other three describe versions of the future in which changes will be dynamic and will go in different directions. In each case, the predictions are related to the evolution of new technologies and phenomena related to telecommunications and entertainment. These include various variants of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), chatbots, game streaming, ultrahaptic technology and Natural User Intrerface, which means for game users to control with thoughts.