4CF Surf the Future

I recommend 4CF as a dependable partner in Strategic Foresight and Futures Literacy for policy-making and Strategy.

Riel Miller, Foresight Director, UNESCO

Project results as well as the process whereby they were obtained have me convinced as to the professionalism and innovativeness of 4CF on the Polish market.

Krystian Chmielewski, VicePresident Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Polska

4CF provided foresight expertise at a highest level of professional skill.

Alberte Ruud, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Public Road Administration

4CF experts successfully implemented a Real-Time Delphi tool - HalnyX - for the needs of an expert study.

Irena Pichola, Partner, Member of the Board, Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o.

4CF offers the highest quality of Business Foresight services

Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director, Hoop Polska

We study the future to help you reach the right strategic decisions.

1. Explore the future

Market Prognoses

Use advanced data analysis and expert knowledge to improve development plans, investments and acquisitions. Verify your assumptions as to the speed of the market’s development, future solutions and trends.

2. Prepare!

Warning signs

Be ready in time for changes on the market. Grab opportunities faster than your competitors and see long-term threats. Improve your strategy to reach your goals in an ever faster changing environment.

3. Shape the future

New Paths of Development

Take control: choose actions which will give you a strategic advantage. Explore new solutions and create innovative products which will revolutionise the market.

Surf the future!

Foresight Culture

Get your team onboard and actively shape the future of your company. Increase your employees’ potential for generating insights, managing risks, identifying inconsistencies and preparing the company for future changes.

How to surf the future?

Making the right strategic decisions is an increasingly difficult task in today’s dynamic world. Many organisations are merely attempting to keep afloat by copying their competitors’ actions. Despite such efforts they are constantly surprised by the changes that tomorrow brings. Some drown under the waves of the future, but some skilfully use those same waves to go faster and farther than the competition: they surf the future.

At 4CF we know that every effective long-term strategic analysis should consist of four complementary and mutually strengthening elements: Exploration, Preparation and Shaping the Future. The fourth element, creating a Foresight Culture, fuses the other three and renders them crucial to the functioning of an organisation. Organisations which successfully cultivate foresight are not easily surprised by the arrival of changes. They harness the power of the Future Wave to reach their own goals.

1. Exploration

How will the market environment change in the future and what are the key factors which affect it? Is it possible to notice early signs of change on the horizon? Simple diagnoses and keeping tack of current trend analyses are just a starting point for such considerations They should be treated with caution: attempts to build your strategy based on current trends and even the most sophisticated statistical models might easily turn against you if the future brings revolutionary market changes. That is why it is so important for analyses to consider inconsistencies, early signs of change and to involve scenarios, both of small and considerable likelihood. This will increase your flexibility and will greatly improve your ability to identify opportunities and threats early in the game.

2. Preparation

Exploring the future provides a solid foundation for future-proof strategies. A strategy aimed at long-term goals should be based on more than just the current state of the market. It should take into consideration the opportunities and threats that the future might bring and should also be adjustable to early signs of approaching changes.  If such a strategy is to be carried out, it requires early warning mechanisms and a constant monitoring of the environment which ensures the timely adjustment of plans. The combination of an innovative strategy, prepared for various market development scenarios, with constant monitoring is the key to gaining the flexibility needed to surf the future.

3. Shaping the future

It has been said that the most effective way of predicting the future is shaping it. It is a challenge worth considering, and is often easier than it seems. Exploring new solutions is not only the shortest path to gaining a strategic advantage, it is also a process which may inspire your entire team and bring new energy. The prize is maintaining control of market development rather than passively waiting for the turn of events that the future might bring.

4. Foresight Culture

It may seem that the above elements require a major organisational effort. It does not have to! The best “surfers of the future” are organisations which involve their employees in the planning process and in the identification of early signs of change. This way, foresight becomes a constant element of the “culture” within an organisation. 4CF helps to increase the employees’ potential for generating insights, managing risks, identifying inconsistencies and preparing the company for future changes. We help managers and board members enhance their skills when it comes to innovative strategic foresight. Thus the future can become your organisation’s ally and it is definitely an ally worth having!

Have you ever wondered…?

How the market will change within the current decade? What forces might transform it? When and why it might happen?

How to successfully foresee approaching changes? How to avoid being surprised?

How to prepare a strategy which will ensure the realisation of my organisation’s ambitious goals and allow us to maintain the necessary flexibility in a rapidly changing environment?