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Case study

Strategy and development program for a metropolitan district

Obszar: Shaping
Metody: Unesco FLKL, 4CF Matrix, Consulting

Strategia i program rozwoju

The task:

The prosperous and dynamically developing Pruszków County – located within the ​​Warsaw metropolis – needed a modern strategy and development plan. The project was to be an important aid district management and carrying out local government tasks based on KPIs (key performance indicators) and a clear plan of action.

Our solution:

In the course of a months-long project  – with the participation of all the key managers in the county and its subordinate units, as well as representatives of other local authorities, representatives of central  government administration within the county and social organizations – we developed a new, systematic strategy for the county. Inhabitants were also involved in the project, with their role not limited to social consultations. Basing on the strategy, we prepared a development program in accordance with the development policy act, which encompasses financial, implementational, human resources and environmental frameworks for achieving goals. We were the first in Poland to use a deep foresight approach and prepare multi-criteria scenarios for the development of the county.

The effects from the client’s perspective:

The strategy and development program are the key planning documents in the county. Owing to a systematic and professional approach, all policies and sectoral programs in the county and in the district office are coordinated and aimed at reaching the desired development objectives, as described in the “District Development Strategy 2015-2025” prepared by 4CF experts.  The comprehensive strategy, which takes into account the interests of all stakeholders in the county, allows the local government to seek external financing of key projects. It also makes the county more competitive in terms of investment and settlement possibilities.
The strategy can be downloaded under the following link.