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Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director, Hoop Polska
Case study

Prototyping innovations in response to new strategic challenges

Obszar: Shaping
Metody: 4CF Matrix

Strategia i program rozwoju

The task:

The client – a large FMCG company – was looking for new directions of product development. The new ideas were to be partially based on solutions which had already been implemented. The task also involved analysing a number of the client’s preliminary ideas.

Our solution:

We employed the 4CF Matrix and the prototyping process. After preliminary ideas were identified, they were placed on the 4CF Matrix. The next step was to analyse alternative technological approaches in the implementation of ideas which would bring the greatest relative advantages to consumers but which were far removed in time.
This way, some of the solutions which had been initially assessed as distant in time, were modified so as to appear in the client’s portfolio much sooner.

The effects from the client’s perspective:

The client gained a verified list of innovative products and solutions. For each of these, the time needed for implementation was specified, as were the advantages from the consumers’ perspective. The list also took into consideration the products and solutions which might transform the market. It included both products which utilised the client’s solutions and competitive ones. Knowing which solutions might result in the greatest strategic advantage provided the client with valuable support in the process of reaching the right strategic decisions as to new directions of development and investments. Furthermore, owing to the prototyping of chosen, especially promising solutions, it was possible to modify them, so that the client was able to introduce them to the market before the competition did. Thus, rather than passively observing the development of trends, our client was able to shape them and stay ahead of market prognoses.