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Riel Miller, Foresight Director,

Project results as well as the process whereby they were obtained have me convinced as to the professionalism and innovativeness of 4CF on the Polish market.

Krystian Chmielewski, VicePresident
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Polska

4CF provided foresight expertise at a highest level of professional skill.

Alberte Ruud, Senior Advisor,
Norwegian Public Road Administration

4CF experts successfully implemented a Real-Time Delphi tool - HalnyX - for the needs of an expert study.

Irena Pichola, Partner, Member of the Board,
Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o.

4CF offers the highest quality of Business Foresight services

Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director,
Hoop Polska
Case study

Identification of promising future investment directions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Obszar: Shaping Foresight Culture
Metody: Strategic Intelligence, Consulting, Training, Strategy Sessions 2

Podniesienie kompetencji w zakresie strategii

The task:

Our client, a large manufacturing company, expressed to wishes: Firstly, the company’s management was facing difficult investment decisions, crucial to the future success or downfall of the company. We were therefore asked to raise senior managers’ qualifications in the area of strategic planning. Secondly, the company’s representatives were not certain, whether the most obvious candidates for horizontal and vertical acquisitions were the right choices, due to the dynamically changing market and the significant risk that the future might require a level of competence thus far not found within the sector. Out task was therefore to analyse the future of the market, identify the possible paths of its development and to provide recommendations regarding acquisitions which would allow the company to maintain a competitive advantage in the future.

Our solution:

4CF conducted a complex qualitative analysis of the future of the market. We based our research on expert knowledge, with experts stemming both from the client’s company and from other industries, to ensure that no significant market opportunities or threats were overlooked. We included strategic competitive intelligence in our analysis. At the same time, we organized a series of workshops which raised the management’s strategic-planning capabilities and thus also the ability to use the recommendations that were derived from our analysis.

The effects from the client’s perspective:

The management of the company significantly increased its strategic planning skills, which gave them the ability to shape the company’s future in a more informed way, less susceptible to cognitive errors.
In addition, 4CF’s recommendations as to possible market changes allowed the client to use the funds for strategic investments more effectively. Instead of acquiring one of its immediate competitors, which would have only benefited the company short-term, our client took over an innovative business from a related industry. This provided him with competencies necessary to maintain a long-term competitive advantage.