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4CF experts successfully implemented a Real-Time Delphi tool - HalnyX - for the needs of an expert study.

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Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director,
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Case study

“Early warning system” for a large FMCG company

Obszar: Preparation
Metody:  4CF Matrix, Strategy Audit

System Wczesnego Ostrzegania

The task:

Our client, a large FMCG company, needed a comprehensive solution which would allow them to monitor the environment in order to identify opportunities and threats. This need stemmed from the highly dynamic and competitive nature of the company’s business environment. The management rightly concluded that ensuring long-term growth and maintaining a leadership position on the market required more than just a well-formulated strategy and qualified managers

Our solution:

We introduced a comprehensive solution, the “Early Warning System” (EWS). Its key elements are:

  1. Quantitative sales forecasts, based on econometric modeling, which serve for short-term planning,
  2. The “Trend Lens”: a tool for visualizing the newly identified new sources of competitive advantage, ie potential, currently unknown competition from new market trends,
  3. An Internal platform which serves for the participatory monitoring of the environment, as well as for the verification and evaluation of emerging opportunities and threats. Both company employees and external experts can access the platform.

The effects from the client’s perspective:

The implementation of an early warning system aided our client in identifying market opportunities and threats faster than their competitors. They therefore became more flexible and aware of early signs of change. Both of these features are now seen by the client as key sources of their strategic advantage. The client become one of  the world’s most advanced companies in terms of management, reaching their goals became based on response speed and adaptability. Key decision-makers within the company have remote access to the system, they can confront planned actions with the “Trend Lens” at any time. They are also kept up-to-date when it comes to new information in the environment-monitoring system. As an additional benefit, through the implementation of EWS, the client has included all key managers (whose individual experience and market knowledge is diverse and complementary) in the process of updating and implementing the strategy. This gives the company a sense of ownership of the strategy, which translates into a responsibility for its effective implementation, refinement and adaptation to the changing environment.