4CF Surf the Future

I recommend 4CF as a dependable partner in Strategic Foresight and Futures Literacy for policy-making and Strategy.

Riel Miller, Foresight Director,

Project results as well as the process whereby they were obtained have me convinced as to the professionalism and innovativeness of 4CF on the Polish market.

Krystian Chmielewski, VicePresident
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Polska

4CF provided foresight expertise at a highest level of professional skill.

Alberte Ruud, Senior Advisor,
Norwegian Public Road Administration

4CF experts successfully implemented a Real-Time Delphi tool - HalnyX - for the needs of an expert study.

Irena Pichola, Partner, Member of the Board,
Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o.

4CF offers the highest quality of Business Foresight services

Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director,
Hoop Polska

Application: Decision-making games provide organisations (regardless of their size or the sector they belong to) with the ability to safely and economically test their hypotheses as to the future. Much like simulations, they use models of systems which are crucial to a given organisation in order to test and modify the players’ assumptions about the future. Decision-making games generate new knowledge but also raise the competence level of individual participants.
Method: Decision-making games are one of our company’s strong suits. By combining well tested methods, developed by leading American foresight centers, with IT tools and using competent facilitator support, 4CF provides the highest possible level of conducting decision making-games (wargames) for businesses and public institutions.
Our clients value, in particular, decision-making games connected to issues of military, energy and political security, as well scenarios related to other areas developed by our team and intended for use by senior managers and specialists. Our clients can rely on the results of decision-making games to give them new insights into the complexity of the strategic environment and an opportunity to test the imagination and intellectual rigor of employees and external experts.
Our team of facilitators consists of professionals with years of experience in designing, moderating, judging and conducting simulation sessions and role-playing. They are competent in the design and execution of decision-making games that would be a challenge even for the most experienced analysts and managers.