4CF Surf the Future

I recommend 4CF as a dependable partner in Strategic Foresight and Futures Literacy for policy-making and Strategy.

Riel Miller, Foresight Director, UNESCO

Project results as well as the process whereby they were obtained have me convinced as to the professionalism and innovativeness of 4CF on the Polish market.

Krystian Chmielewski, VicePresident Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Polska

4CF provided foresight expertise at a highest level of professional skill.

Alberte Ruud, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Public Road Administration

4CF experts successfully implemented a Real-Time Delphi tool - HalnyX - for the needs of an expert study.

Irena Pichola, Partner, Member of the Board, Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o.

4CF offers the highest quality of Business Foresight services

Marcin Kubajczyk, Marketing Director, Hoop Polska

Applications: the identification, verification and systematization of long-term strategic development options
The 4CF Matrix is a well-tested tool which has successfully been applied both in short workshops – to assess the potential directions of development for a given area or market – and in complex, weeks-long processes of developing long-term strategies.
The 4CF Matrix has proven of value in a wide variety of areas, form corporate applications (including the FMCG and medical industries) to military ones.
Even in its simplified variant, it allows for a quick, introductory systematization of potential solutions and enables one to identify possible controversies. By using source data – whether obtained through brainstorming or more analytical methods, like desk research or the Delphi method – the 4CF Matrix allows you to select various sets of solutions: from the ones not worth considering in strategy planning to those which are crucial.

The results obtained with the 4CF Matrix not only provide valuable insights for strategic planning processes but also serve as a basis for further discussions and analyses.