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4CF presents “Antytrendbook” – foresight report for First Data Polska

First Data Polska, the owner of the Polcard brand, announced the premiere of the “Antytrendbook” report summarizing the Laboratory of the Future – an annual meeting of experts from the banking industry.

The publication is a product of participation of nearly 100 representatives of the banking sector, First Data experts and 4CF Strategic Foresight company. The new edition under the slogan “The future begins where trends end” invited the participants to discuss the directions of the development of the banking market. The starting point for the development of “Antytrendbook” were 5 trends:

  1. Cybersecurity erosion
  2. Increase in personalization and individualization of the customer experience
  3. Increase in the competitiveness of non-banking institutions such as fin-techs
  4. A growing distrust towards banks
  5. Increased mobility through digitization and dematerialisation

The future according to First Data

– The Laboratory of the Future has become an open communication platform for the exchange of views and ideas about the development of Polish banking with leading industry experts who each day compete with each other and safeguard the access to their intellectual resources. We noticed that simply following the trends is not enough – says Jolanta Rycerz, a member of the board of First Data Polska. – If we want to influence the future of an organization, service or product, we need to know the latest trends and be able to question them, looking for arguments for and against, that is, hypertrends and anti-revisions. The signpost for such activities is “Antytrendbook” Laboratory of the Future First Data.

The 4CF Strategic Foresight, which specializes in strategic foresight and exploring the future of various industries, is responsible for the methodology and substantive content development.

– “Antytrendbook” is not just a summary of the Laboratory of the Future workshop. It is also a useful tool for strategic analysis, which will benefit readers and their organizations seeking answers to questions about how their future and future may shape – adds Norbert Kołos, managing partner of 4CF Strategic Foresight.

This year’s report, apart from its high substantive value, also has an unusual construction. The basis of “Antytrendbook” are scenarios of the future that can affect any company in the financial industry. The formula for creating more or less possible solutions allows you to find those that will either inhibit the development trend or strengthen and accelerate changes.

A report from the Laboratory of the Future “Antytrendbook” can be downloaded here